ThinkSoJoE Show Episode 174

The most wholesome band in the world, Yellow Sauce, drop in and take over ahead of Saucefest II this Saturday night at Stamps.  We discuss the origins of the band, some great events in the history of Yellow Sauce, the death of their magic banana BobPaul, and how they came to have an official narrator, which just so happens to be ThinkSoJoE.  All this and much more!

ThinkSoJoE Show Episode 170

This week, Joe attended his first Buffalo Infringement Festival event ever, and it was a good one.  We give you all the details for SauceFest II coming up on August 31st on the eve of #SauceMonth.   We plug the hell out of the All WNY August Punk Show this Saturday Night at Stamps… The Bar, featuring the debut of Joe’s new band, The Living Braindead.  Music from Of Night And LightThe Missing WorkerThree Green, and Tony Rocky Horror