Bonus: On The Cinder interview (May 2019)

In this ThinkSoJoE Show bonus content, Joe visits the boys from On The Cinder ahead of their June 7 tour kickoff at Rec Room Buffalo.  Some topics of discussion include the band’s new album which drops this September, the Rec Room show and subsequent tour, flossing (both kinds), favorite new local bands, alligators and other wildlife, the actors who portray Spiderman, the PlayStation video game “Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme,” and much, much more.  Plus, pay attention because the guys drop a promo code you can use to get $2 off your pre-order of their new album!

ThinkSoJoE Show Episode 158

This week we talk about the great time we had this past Saturday night at the Stamping Out MS event our friends put on for Corina, and Joe discusses how his “best worst kept secret” surprise at the event came to be.  We let you know where you can find either one of us this weekend and play some bands who will also be out and about in the upcoming few days, including LVXURYTina Panic NoiseShambles, and Radical Operations.

ThinkSoJoE Show Episode 157

This week on the ThinkSoJoE Show, we give you a preview of what to expect this Saturday night at Stamps… The Bar when our friends come together for Stamping Out MS – A Tribute to Corina DeFabbio.  We talk about street art and great documentaries thereof, this past Sunday’s episode of The Simpsons (“D’oh Canada”) and their portrayal of Upstate New York, our mothers, constipation, Sonic The Hedgehog, how “Country Roads” is the new “Africa,” and much more.  Music from Jaynie Crash and the Tall Men, Billy Draws Two, Yellow Sauce, and Exham Priory.